The Zymbol Story

Zymbol® was ‘accidentally’ created when company Founder, Sally Short, doodled a phrase that she believed could unite the world, 'LOVE IS ALL U NEED'. She stacked each letter on top of the next and completed the design by adding the peace sign to it.

love is all you need

Sally decided to send her doodle off to be cast as a 'Love and Peace' pendant. However, as fate would have it, when the Short family received the pendant, it was randomly sitting sideways and they noticed a 'K' popping out.

HiddenMeaningSymbol Letter K

Given that there is no 'K' in the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED’, it motivated the family to see what other letters they could find and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER hidden within Sally’s doodle!

HiddenMeaningSymbol Letters

After discovering all the letters and numbers the Short family decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based around the design. The concept? When you wear or gift a Zymbol® it can mean anything you want because it contains every letter of the alphabet! They named it Zymbol® as it is one symbol that represents all letters, A to Z.  Zymbol® jewelry is stamped with an ‘M’ which stands for Meridane. Meridane is the combined names of Sally’s two children, Merida and Dane.

Each ZYMBOL™ is accompanied by a gift card where you can TRACE out what your Zymbol® represents. That message can change and evolve or remain consistent. Wear yours and TRACE out important names, dates, phrases, goals, intentions, or have it serve as a reminder of the things you are thankful for.

Your Meaning Here Card

Zymbol® is a thought provoking conversation piece which can lift anyone's spirit in the best or worst of times.

"We had no idea that this ‘doodle’ would become so powerful to so many people," says Dane Short, Chief Zymbologist of the family's business. "We sell Zymbol to men and women, aged 9 to 90. It's a unisex, inspirational piece of jewelry with infinite possibilities. We’ve even had over 50 people tattoo our design!"

All symbols stand for something and tell you what they mean. When you see a peace sign, musical note or the YinYang, you immediately know what the symbol stands for. Zymbol® is completely open to interpretation - you tell it what it means! 50 people could be wearing Zymbol® in the same room and it would mean something different & unique to each one of them.

To top it off, it is Multilingual!


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